Following up is an expected part of the application process, so be proactive about getting the job you want! For example, if you want work flexibility, there are many work-from-home jobs and part-time, remote jobs that need candidates like you. If you’re lucky, the address will be posted on the original job listing, but if not, finding the email may require a bit more detective work. My name is Jordan Bailey and I am writing to follow up on the status of my application for the Marketing Manager position within your company. If you feel like the interview went well, but you aren’t offered the job, you can send one additional note to ask for feedback on the interview. Say that you enjoyed the interview process and would like to get some constructive feedback on what you can do better in the future to improve your chances of getting a job. Put a note on your calendar to follow up one week after that date if you still haven’t heard back.

how to call and follow up on a job application

If you have news about the position, I would like to know as I evaluate the offer I am considering. I was wondering if you had news to share about the position. I enjoyed our discussion and getting to know more about .

Get the hiring manager’s contact details

Reaching out to them following your application, especially in a thoughtful way, can leave a lasting impression. Before making your follow-up call, gather the correct contact information such as the phone number of the hiring manager. Calling the right person shows you’ve done your research and this increases your how to follow up on a job application chances of getting called for an interview. So how do you get past the pile of resumes and in the door? After you send a resume or an introductory letter, always make a follow-up call. Remember, it’s the conversation that gets you the interview. Here’s how to get on the phone and into the interview process.

Don’t count on employers to keep you informed about the status of your application. Research shows that only 22% of companies communicate with candidates in a timely manner. I’d love the opportunity to meet with you in person and discuss how I can benefit your organization.

Let Them Know You Enjoyed the Interview

A mailed letter might take too long; an employer might make a hiring decision in that time. It also doesn’t hurt to try to create a sense of urgency with the hiring manager. If you are interviewing for other administrative jobs or are lucky enough to have a job offer in hand already, let the employer know.

What are some tips for following up with a potential employer after submitting an application?

The best way to follow up after submitting a resume is to send a polite email to the employer. In your message, thank them for considering you for the position and express your interest in meeting with them. You can also provide additional information or answer any questions they may have. Employers appreciate candidates who take the initiative to follow up, so make sure to do so professionally and courteously.

Making contact to check in after submitting your application shows interest and initiative. However, it’s also time-consuming, and still won’t guarantee you hear back from the employer.

How to Write a Letter Checking the Status of a Job

Of the companies I have engaged with during my job search, I was particularly impressed by your commitment to training and development. I felt that this growth mindset was a good fit to my career aims. If you don’t hear back from the hiring manager by the date they said they were going to make an offer, don’t send a note right away. It is possible that you weren’t the first choice for the job, but you’re still in the running. They may make an offer to someone else, and that person may not take the job. One day after your interview, you can send your first note.

It would be my pleasure to assist the marketing team in their efforts. Sure, you really just want to find out if you got the gig or not. But to justify your follow up, you might want to pose a question to the employer. If they’re still receiving applications, you can ask when they expect to start narrowing down their decisions and when interviews will begin. This can give you a guideline of when you can expect to hear back. It’s a good idea to know what you’re going to say before following up on a job application.

If you live far away, you might want to mention a time when you will be visiting the area and are available to meet. If it’s done strategically, following up can be a great way to reinforce why you are qualified for the job, and can even get your application a closer look. Without manager support, employees can struggle to achieve their career goals. Apply these seven strategies to help your team members grow and advance. Check more recommended readings to get the job of your dreams. Reiterate your interest in the position and say why you’d perform well in the job. There’s an easy way to know if and when your resume has been opened.

how to call and follow up on a job application