Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 reviews

Good afternoon, dear autowriters) Suddenly I wanted to tell you about my car – MB SLK 230 KOMPRESSOR. I’ll start with a little (hopefully) background – I got my license at 18, unfortunately, the question of a momentary purchase of my own car simply did not arise, since at that moment I was just a 2nd year student at the institute. It took a little time (the course is up to the 3rd) and somehow, quite by accident, I became the proud owner of FORD TAURUS ’94 (on the occasion of the purchase of a new car by my father). This is where it all started) True, by that time I myself was quite firmly hooked in the automotive sector – I began my working days as a sales assistant in one of the Hyundai dealerships. Well, returning to Torus – I got a copy that was very battered by life – there was not a single whole part on the body, the box forced the car to do the ritual dance of the May Indians before each switch from first to second (and to 3rd, by the way) and in everything else there was a decline. On the other hand, I finally seized upon something of my own, personal and, moreover, able to move around. It was decided to devote all free (and not free) time to selling Hyundai in large quantities for the implementation of a complete rebuild of his big American dream, more precisely 3 months and about 180 thousand rubles (a decent Torus at that time cost about 200, and I got the firewood, free of course). Happiness was achieved – I finally drove out in a practically new car – there was no such unit, to
which the hand of the master would not have touched))) As time went on, I tried to combine my endless (as it seemed to me then) training with work (from early childhood, cars and everything connected with them were the only outlet), which I managed not badly, so how after some (one year) time I became the director of the salon in which I originally came as a seller. Torus presented an endless number of pleasant (and not so pleasant) moments, ranging from the classic "sleep in my car" (it’s something, and America was born on the back seats of dreadnoughts), to the ignition of the engine compartment on the Moscow Ring Road near Varshavka. One fine morning, on the way to work, a crazy thought came to my mind – and not whether to change the car. According to the law of meanness, it was at that moment that MAZ, which was peacefully driving behind, apparently also dreaming about something pleasant, forgot to slow down. – Well, it’s not that it’s written off, but you need to change it – I thought after 20 minutes.) In short – I had to ride the test cars of the salon for another six months, since there were quite a lot of them. By that time, an opinion had finally formed about what kind of car I would like to have; obligatory wish – something not like everyone else. I can’t stand in a traffic jam and turn my head to look at exactly the same stamped iron boxes. I have always treated a car primarily as a toy – a thing that can please with its appearance, entertain, and prevent it from dissolving in a mass of its own kind. By a happy coincidence, a car was found in the Hyundai range that
fit the specified parameters – Huyndai GK, or coupe, in the common people. The car was just class. not a day passed without someone passing by asking: "What is this?". And the buzz was not to feel like driving a Ferrari for $30,000, but not to be like everyone else, not to be like the gray mass. I just wanted something else. Literally the next after this fateful decision, the car sold out – I didn’t even have to advertise. And so I was left alone with a bunch of money thinking: "And what would such a buy?". Of course, the amount received for the kupeshka (add a little) cannot be called crazy, but the choice was quite wide. Initially, I decided that I wanted to buy a European car from a famous manufacturer – you have to figure out what is so cool about all these BMW MERCEDs. And then a childhood dream made itself felt – a CONVERTIBLE! As I said, a personal car is not the only possible means of transportation for me. If necessary, you can always take something big and roomy, so the "impracticality" of this class of cars did not bother me much. SLK. Yes, exactly – what you need – a small bright German Kubrick. I want it! It took about 2 weeks to find my car – Automotive News was filled with offers, but most were pretty shabby. And almost all with traces of a major body repair and stories about the fact that the fly is not fucking. Two weeks later, quite tired of
contemplation of half-troupes and outright lies, decided to act differently. Opened the most expensive option at the time. Called. Looked. Bought. Machine – purchased in Panavto. Native mileage – 35 Engine 2.3 kOMPRESSOR. Machine. The maximum equipment for this modification. One owner. The seller is a trade-in of the PORSCHE salon. Color – bright blue metallic. He lowered the roof – there are no words. The car is indescribably good – appearance, speed, comfort. ROOF. I drive very little in my car – I drove only 5 thousand km during the season, but what five thousand it was – I never felt so happy) Of course, like any car, there are a number of disadvantages (for me personally, as for the owner ) – this is not a very convenient interior climate control (for example, the absence of a glass-leg blowing mode), poor sound insulation, too long warm-up time even in summer (if you start immediately, the machine “dulls”), maintenance costs (due to the brand), doors at closing require too much effort (the kupeshka was also without frames, but it was much easier to close the doors), stiff suspension (I don’t think that any car with a gun can be considered sports) in some places, in quality, loses the interior plastic (obviously, not the best dear Merc. As for the dynamic characteristics – great – a couple of times I was really late and had to push. Indeed, quickly) Unfortunately, I can’t say how much gasoline is spent per 100 km and how many kopecks are spent per kilometer – one thing can be argued with
certainty: the pleasure received more than pays for the costs) Once again, for this particular car – a toy, an outlet, entertainment, a hobby – so I don’t think about how many bags of potatoes it should fit into and how many milligrams of fuel it exceeds my living wage. She knows how to bring indescribable pleasure on a summer night, when you rush with the roof down along the embankment. Oh, let’s hope it’s summer.

21.01.2009 Good afternoon, dear autowashers) I suddenly wanted to tell you about my car – MB SLK 230 KOMPRESSOR. I’ll start with a little (hopefully) background – get your rights. more

I’m lying around with a sore throat. nothing to do. I decided to roll up a review about the toy – MB SLK 230k. My main car is a harsh 105th Kruzak. The car is EXCELLENT, but with its own specifics, mainly associated with a reliable, but ABSOLUTELY weak atmospheric diesel engine 1HZ with a volume of 4.2 liters, with a miserable 129 rachitic ponies and a torque of only 285 N * m and this is at least three tons of curb masses. The complete lack of dynamics in the main vehicle last year began to depress somehow very strongly. Just in August last year, it’s time to change the car to his wife. which was successfully done. her old 2000 MMC Montero Sport car. put up for sale. a lot of people went to watch it, but no one gave the desired price. then I returned from another trip to Karaganda (2000 km round trip), overtook a truck, on a 105-ke, if the track is narrow and the truck is not Kamaz, the process is very interesting, whoever drove will understand. In general, I would like that when you press the gas, the car went to the point. and here an option is drawn with the exchange of Montera for the hero of this review MB SLK 230k. in fact, this car is not needed for nothing, but on emotions I took it and waved it without looking. So what we have: double rear-wheel drive convertible, compressor, almost 200 mares, mechanics. the car is extremely perky. state hmm. the declared mileage of 65 thousand, judging by indirect signs, is absolutely real. but the previous owner is a complete mess and miser. before was slightly knocked, apparently poked somewhere a little bit. completely renovated
obscene. broken boiled-overcooked pan. everything else is intact. Even the spare wheel / stowaway in the trunk shows that it has never been worn. I drive the car to the service, change the pan, the box cushion, one of the pipes of the cooling system, the front brake discs and, as usual, all conceivable consumables, I do the geometry. I remove the ugly Chinese xenon with crappy wiring, restore the original wiring, change the yellowed headlight lenses to new ones, put Osram Night Braker bulbs. I drive it to another service, where the face is completely dismantled and the consequences of the aforementioned obscene repair are eliminated, by agreement they had to paint only the face, but the car is so small that they decided to paint it completely, they also updated the red paint in the cabin, because. she wiped herself in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe ignition switch, door handles, etc. Only. because I was on a business trip, the issue of replacing the front bumper with a new one did not dare. put and painted the old one, restoring it as much as possible. Unfortunately, it was not possible to do this completely, and in one place the line of the hood and bumper does not fit together well. you need to take a new bumper, but all hands do not reach. Finally, the car is in the parking lot, sit down and go. and it’s winter outside, I had to buy winter studded tires and wheels for this rubber, the fact is that native wheels with still live summer tires are different wide and you simply can’t buy winter tires on them. Ride a little and put back in the parking lot until the heat. Finally, spring has come, I began to drive this car quite often,
in any case, he wound five thousand. Impressions of course bright: without a roof in the spring city. beauty, plus auto dynamic (7 seconds to hundreds). however, after 105 matches and a dynamic jig, I guess. therefore, he specifically put a convinced BMWist behind the wheel of Kent (he has a 745 boomer). after check-in asked him fast? Yes! Excellent! I don’t know how this car will drive on the machine, but the mechanics are very appropriate for it, the moves are short, clear. you can even misbehave a little by turning off the stability control system. However, there is a but. I didn’t understand why people hate, for example, the Kuldzhinsky tract. Kruzak liftovanny goes there confidently 120 barely swaying, so softly. here. I rode there on this Merc. ITIT YOUR SAME MOTHER. As after the bombing, the whole car is shaking, vibrating, you can only drive in a whisper. In the city, too: either the rails, or the hatch will be rolled up, then they will be hammered. dorozhniki, so that you are understood and slammed. in general, you need to look at both when you go. and I’m not used to it. Kruzak will swing a little and that’s it. Driving style, in terms of bumps, changed with great difficulty. therefore, I had fears that for the unfortunate five thousand, the measure of this hodovka would die completely. took the car in for diagnostics. nothing like that, everything is in openwork. but the stuffing box backstage of the box leaked and the previously boiled expansion tank leaked (the fact that it was boiled and STOshniki and I overlooked). then. now you need to do the following on the car: buy a new expansion tank, put a new oil seal on the wings and put / paint a new bumper (just for aesthetics).
The general impression of the car is this: it seems to be not bad, but everything is somehow rethought too much, that’s why, for example, for a spare tire, for disks with summer tires and for disks with winter tires, their own bolts are required? What for!? I caught myself on the fact that my driving style on this car has completely changed, it has become aggressive, even excessively. she, the machine, can do a lot and it provokes. rolled somehow with his wife, so she made a scandal, sell says. you will be killed. Under the pressure of facts, I had to agree, put the car up for sale. but the price is high, because a lot has been invested in it, it is very unlikely that I can sell it, but to change it for something no less interesting, just for the soul, it will probably work out. something in my head lately the idea of ​​​​a camper based on the 131st Zil does not go out of my head. )))))

07/09/2012 I’m lying around with a sore throat. nothing to do. I decided to roll up a review about the toy – MB SLK 230k. My main car is a harsh 105th Kruzak. The car is EXCELLENT, but with. more

I greet you! As a responsible comrade, I decided not to be lazy and share the experience of owning (read operating) such an iron horse as the world’s first production car with a hard folding roof – the Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 (R170) roadster . I hope those in need will be able to get the information they need, which is sometimes so scarce when choosing a “slightly rare” car. Ask questions, I’ll try to answer what I can. The review will be long, it will seem boring to someone – therefore, lovers of reading matter a la “a car is fire, all my women” should leave. Petersburg double convertible (or roadster, as you like). I’m already tired of the eternal jokes and jokes on this topic – be prepared that you will have to face this too)) Not everyone can understand how, in their right mind and clear memory, you can buy a 13-year-old "leaking" Mercedes for such money! It may sound pathetic, but I will say this – this car allows me to feel “alive”. Especially in summer, having thrown off the roof, rush with the breeze, driving all the rubbish out of your head. In general, everything for the sake of these sensations is true)) Previously, I drove a 2nd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse. I even wrote a review (if anyone is interested, read ( And if it weren’t for the “cabrio dream”, I wouldn’t get off it. But the deed is done, the car is sold , money in your pocket and it’s time to start looking.
at the beginning, I thought that everything would be simple, because I know for sure what brand and model I’m looking for, that everything will spin in a couple of days … How naive I was. Few people conscientiously service cars, even fewer want an adequate price for them. I had to tinker about a month, travel around all parts of the city, they will be horrified by the lies and prices of trade-in salons … in short, tin. In a breakdown, having already looked at 10 or 11 cars, I found a real seller. By the way, we still communicate)) The man had a family and he had to part with the car. I will not describe the formalities – the car was in good condition and for adequate money. I bought it in August 2011 for 450 sput. Machine 1999 onwards, the maximum configuration for that year of release. After restyling, and this is February 2000, already "evil" versions of the SLK 320 and SLK 320 AMG appeared. Wind in my head How lucky I was that September 2012 was so sunny! I drove roofless like crazy every chance I got. In general, of course, emotions overwhelm: to roll with a breeze along the road with cool music, to the sound of an excellent exhaust – class. You feel invigorated. )) By the way, I will share my observation: "There are three things that you can look at forever: fire, water and how the roof of a convertible is folded." The effect of the transformer makes people turn their heads many meters away from you! Those who doubt that it is cold, I inform you that if you pull on the windscreen and raise the side windows, then there is practically no wind in the cabin up to 100 km / h. Those. if you put on a cap, or what
another headdress, then you don’t feel the cold at all. You can comfortably ride without a roof up to 15 ° C, it is quite possible to open / close the season even at 9 ° C. Never caught a cold in over a year. Accordingly, in the heat after 30 ° C, it is also better not to remove the roof in the city, because. at low city speed you sweat, you start to stick to the chair, not ice)). True, in St. Petersburg such days are so rare that one can not even think about it. Much more fun to "catch" precipitation. Although St. Petersburg is a very rainy city, I never soaked the interior, 25s of folding the roof completely allow me to avoid this)) Driving performance Well, here you can spread the thought, but I’ll try to be brief. 193 hp, 280 Nm / 2500 rpm Rear drive. The engine is very high-torque, it spins well from the very bottom and, during normal driving, spin it above 2500 rpm. you don’t have to, while you are not inferior to the flow in dynamics. With a maximum acceleration of up to 100 km / h, it accelerates in 7.7-7.8 seconds. I did not check the maximum speed, I understand that there is a lot. On overtaking you feel more than confident. Box automatic 5-mortar. Switches not quickly and not slowly – normal for his age. The main thing is not to break)) The car is “low-set”, respectively, has a low center of gravity. Turns pass a pleasure! Given that the machine is rear-wheel drive, in winter you can generally fool around wagging your back, of course, first turning off the electronic collar. I really like to call on a snow-covered area and arrange a session